VERTICALITIES: sugar. A NatureLab Original.

the NatureLab - Takoma Park

$ 10.00

Let's take a closer look at sugar! Starting with powdered sugar and reverse engineering from this finished, consumable product to its original, natural state. Along the way, we'll study uses, properties, and materials/methods of refinement and production of sugar from cane through art, science, and cooking.

Week 1 => powdered and superfine sugars.

Week 2 => sugar crystals.

Week 3 => brown sugars.

Week 4 => sugar cane and seeds.

the NatureLab will mail or deliver materials in advance if you sign up before Tuesday.

Please sign up on this site and we will send a Zoom invite at least one hour before the program. This class will run Thursdays for 40 minutes each. (AGES 9+)


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