Spice Season Painting Kit

the NatureLab - Takoma Park

$ 12.00

Celebrate pie season with spice paintings! Set-up and paint with cinnamon, ginger, or whatever spices you have on hand. Each painting is set-up on watercolor paper with gray outlines allowing for two colors of spice paint. We mixed our spices with water, but you could also add a little drop of glue. Make it for yourself or as a gift. *Only 10 sets available*

What's in the kit?!
  • Pumpkin outline (6x9 watercolor paper)
  • Oak leaf outline (6x9 watercolor paper)
  • Basic watercolor paintbrush  
  • Cinnamon spice for paint
  • Ginger spice for paint

From home:

  • water
  • well-lit space for painting

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