K-5 | PM_Walk|Eat|Art|Sci|Play

Weekday afternoons for 2018/2019 school year
Meet at 3:50pm dismissal - 6:30pm

$ 0.00

Afternoons at the NatureLab! We meet children at dismissal from Takoma Park Elementary School / Piney Branch Elementary School, walk .75 miles to 7003 Carroll Avenue, and enjoy a healthy afternoon snack.

After school includes both open and structured programs in response to the childrens needs and interests. In addition to participating in planned projects, each child is encouraged to explore the wider world  - be it building forts in Urban Park, studying rocks, dreaming up new games for outside play, or studying movement through stop-action animation or the scrabbling of squirrels. Children are encouraged to approach their explorations through a variety of media including drawing, writing, painting, designing with clay and wire, and sewing -  along the way discovering new and interesting ways to think and communicate.

Rates are per month based on number of days. 

  • five afternoons per week / per month $545
  • four afternoons per week / per month $495
  • three afternoons per week / per month $412
  • two afternoons per week / per month $310
  • one afternoon per week / per month $200

Discounts for combined before/after school programs. Feel free to email us with any questions or requests at lab-up@thenaturelabsite.com.

**Please check out with the pay by "Check Or In Person" option and we'll be in touch.**

We look forward to seeing you in the Lab!

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