3rd&4th Grades | April Wednesday Afternoons

the NatureLab - Takoma Park

$ 146.25

To the park for our 3rd and 4th graders => OUT! (Outside Under Tents) and exploring the worlds of science, art, and nature. 

April is GAME Month with creativity, play, rule-making (and rule-breaking). Studies will be enhanced though drawing, creating, building, and exploring. Each day we meet throughout the month, we will introduce a concept which will be reinforced through projects, play, and walking field trips. 

Our groups will meet at 4pm-6pm with one adult and one helper (if needed). The Wednesday group meets at Sligo North park close to the intersection of Sligo Creek Parkway and Flower Avenue.

There is a minimum of 4 attendees to run the program. Discounts for combined programs, siblings, and "teacher" families. Feel free to email us with any questions or requests at lab-up@thenaturelabsite.com. We look forward to seeing you outside... in a tent or a park or along the creek.

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