studio2.0 Summer! (AGES 10-13)


We're getting ready for summer! We're hoping stars align for in-person programs and are strategizing small groups, outside time, and COVID-safety protocols. 

Groups are small heading into summer 2021, so we've included a waitlist alternative to guide our decision-making for how/if/when to open additional sections. If you choose the waitlist option, we'll let you know if a spot opens up and then send an invoice if you take the spot.

We are also going to remove the after-hours (4-6:30) option until we're closer to summer and can see how schedules are evolving.

Summer 2020 saw a lot of tNL credits issued. If you need your store credit code or did not get a credit, but requested one, please send an email to


From our STE(A)M Think Tank: Brain (and fun!) boost this summer with the NatureLab’s science, art, and exploration for students aged 10-13 from 9am-4pm.

The weekly cost is $400 and the July 4th week is $320. We offer a sibling discount for two or more children enrolled at the same time. For the sibling/besties/cousin discount of 5%, please use the !SIBLINGS! discount code at checkout.

the NatureLab is happy to offer a 10% educator discount for our teacher families and friends - "educator" is the code.

Full refunds (less a $50 admin fee) available until May 15, 2021. No refunds will be processed after May 16, 2021.