Greetings! In a year like no other, the NatureLab is offering programs like no other... 2021 is SOOOO on the outside.

As always, the NatureLab includes both open and structured programs to nimbly respond to individual needs and interests. We're also incorporating projects that align with and extend local school standards for art, science, and other subjects as they make sense.

In addition to participating in STE(A)M-based projects, each participant is encouraged to explore the wider world, be it building forts, studying flora & fauna, collecting rocks, sampling wild flavors, playing outside, interacting with friends and the cool NatureLab staff, or getting your hands dirty making and creating.

To keep things socially distant, we are programming by age group to focus on grade level art and science and peer groups. We will meet up with small groups in designated outside areas for projects, observations, and all-round fun-- along the way, discovering new and interesting ways to create, think, question, investigate, communicate, and get OUT!

Discounts for siblings/besties/cousins and "teacher" families are available as follows:

  • 5% sibling discount code: !SIBLINGS!
  • 10% teacher family discount code: educator
  • Need based scholarships also available.

    Feel free to email us with any questions or requests at We look forward to seeing you! (Outside... in a tent... under a tree...)