We're so grateful to have shared afternoons outside with your children for the 2020-21 school year - thank you!

We are enrolling before and after school programs for the coming school year! Please sign-up for anticipated number of days per week/month for AM, PM or BOTH. We will also have specific classes or hikes posted in late August and additional workshops as we go.

the NatureLab will be outside often for this 2021-22. Once we have a better sense of enrollment, we'll tailor our plans, for example, to whether we have single grade cohorts or multi-age or whether we have dedicated art/science days or specific standalone afternoons for subjects such as photography, model-making, or chemistry. We are also monitoring COVID in our community and family tolerance for indoor and/or outdoor classes heading into autumn.

A core element of our program since 2013, we meet our Kindergarten through 5th grade students at their schools at dismissal. We then enjoy a snack, play at the park, head toward a hands-on project, or explore our city.

As always, the NatureLab includes both open and structured programs to nimbly and creatively respond to the individual needs and interests of the children in our program. 

In addition to participating in STE(A)M-based projects, each child is encouraged to explore the wider world, be it building forts, studying flora & fauna, collecting rocks, sampling wild plants, playing outside, interacting with friends and the cool NatureLab staff, or getting their hands dirty making and creating.

We're keeping our small group set-ups for this new school year for projects, observations, and all-round fun-- along the way, discovering new and interesting ways to create, think, question, investigate, communicate, and be together!

the NatureLab offers a morning track, an afternoon track, and a combined morning and afternoon track.

Discounts for siblings/besties/cousins and "teacher" families are available as follows:

  • 10% sibling discount code: !SIBLINGS!
  • 15% teacher family discount code: educator
  • Need based accommodations

    Feel free to email us with any questions or requests at We look forward to seeing you - even with a mask on!